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The Great Battle

Posted by degdeg18 on December 29, 2013 at 10:45 AM

The Great Battle is a video game series published exclusively in Japan by Banpresto and Namco Bandai that began in 1990, that serves as crossover between the Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam franchises. It was the first series to involve a crossover between giant robot anime and live action tokusatsu super heroes from different established companies. The series makes this situation possible by using super deformed/chibi versions of the characters, which allows the different characters to co-exist and interact with each other without the need to explain their contrasting styles and settings. The series usually changes genres after each installment, with the latest game in the main series, Heroes Vs., being an arena fighter.


Games in the series include:


  • SD The Great Battle, Super Famicom (1990)
  • The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin, Super Famicom (1992)
  • The Great Battle III, Super Famicom (1993)
  • Tekkyu Fight! The Great Battle Gaiden, Game Boy (1993)
  • The Great Battle IV, Super Famicom (1994)
  • The Great Battle Gaiden 2: Matsuri da Wasshoi, Super Famicom (1994)
  • The Great Battle V, Super Famicom (1995)
  • Super Tekkyu Fight!, Super Famicom (1995)
  • Battle Crusher, Game Boy (1995)
  • The Great Battle VI, Playstation (1997)
  • The Great Battle Pocket, Game Boy Color (1999)
  • The Great Battle Full Blast, PSP (2012)
  • Lost Heroes, Nintendo 3DS, PSP (2012)
  • Heroes Vs., PSP (2013)

Franchises included in the series through characters, assists, cameos, stages, etc...


  • Gundam Series
  • Kamen Rider
  • Ultraman

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